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PODCAST 1 . Time: 15'

We are going to use the Food Guide Pyramid as a way to learn about healthy eating. But, before that, try to fill the silences of the listening (modified with Audacity) with the following words and phrases which have escaped from their site. This will demonstrate that you have understood the text and the content of this unit perfectly:

  • the milk group

  • Eat a variety of foods.

  • The figure climbing stairs

  • Eat foods in moderation

  • at the top

  • different foods.

  • So in the fruit food group

  • , including the mind

  • group should be limited

  • and even depression

  • or ice cream

  • the following key points

It’s OK? Now, you you can listen the complete text in this link


external image audio-icono.gifPODCAST 2. Time: 50’

  • In pairs, go to the following link:

http://kidshealth.org/teen/food_fitness/nutrition/fgp_interactive.html and practice with the interactive activities.

  • After that, you are ready to elaborate your own podcast. Prepare and record an interview to your mate with questions like the followings:

Do you think you eat healthily?

How many portions of fruit and vegetables do you eat a day?

Do you eat snacks when you are hungry between meals?...

CONCLUSION. Time: 10’external image boli.jpg

To finish,

  • we are going to listen all the student podcast and comment their contents

  • you have to write a brief summary and conclusion about the eating habits of teenagers. In general, what rating would you give it? Why?